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1. Fee Policies & Procedures
1.1 Fees are strictly payable in advance of the first class of term, unless prior payment arrangement.
1.2 Failure to pay fees may result in the loss of the enrollment position.
1.3 If by prior arrangement a student has attended a first art class and have not made the term fee payment it will be due within 7 days.
On the 8th day the unpaid accounts will incur late payment fees of $20. If the account has not been cleared on the 14th day it will be passed on to a debt collection company and any extra fees charged by the debt collecting company will be added to the overall overdue amount.
1.4 There will be no classes held during public holidays. Where classes fall on public holidays, make-up classes will be added to the end of term.

2. Refund Policies & Procedures
2.1 New Students in Term Booking Promo: 'See it to Believe it' Satisfaction Guarantee* - so you can 'see' the results for yourself. We believe 100% in our Programme and have successfully taught it to over 3,000 students all over Auckland. So if within 10 days of your first booking date you choose not to continue, we'll provide you with a full refund of the booking fee, after deducting an Admin Fee.* Only available to new first time students. Request for a refund must be made within 10 days from the first class date of your Term Booking. Administration fee of $40.00 will apply per student booking. This promo only applies to term bookings.

2.2 For all courses no refunds will be given within 7 days of commencement date unless there is a waiting list and a replacement enrollment can be secured. If you cancel a course more than 7 days before Term /Holiday Programme commencement date you will be entitled to a refund. Bookings can only be processed for the current term and fees cannot be transferred to future terms. All cancellations will incur a $40 admin fee per student booking. Credit Card online processing fee is not refundable as it get paid to the online gateway provider and we do not profit from it.

2.3 MAKE UP SESSIONS: Due to the nature of the programme there are No Make-up classes or credits. But if you advise us at least 7 days in advance of a term class being missed and if a spot is available in one of the other classes on the same week as the missed class for the same session at the location owned by the same Realisticus Franchisee, we may be able to offer an optional make up session.The request may only be fulfilled one time during the term. Please arrange this by contacting the Head Tutor/Franchise owner of your location. This may not always be possible if all our classes are full, but we do try our best as a goodwill gesture.


2.5 If you would like to request your booking to be transferred to another class time permanently (can only be applied to same type of class and appropriate age class), your request will be considered and if a place is available and if the change is approved by the head tutor, we will complete the changes in your booking. A Transfer of Student Term booking to a different Realisticus Art Academy franchise business will incur $40 Administration/Accounting fee if not requested and confirmed more than 7 days before Term /Holiday Programme commencement date.

2.6 For any requests we will respond to your request promptly. Should you not hear from us within 48 hours - please check your spam. If still no response please do give us a call to confirm, as nothing can guarantee 100% email deliverability. For any cancellations, you must receive a written confirmation from us that we have received your request for the cancellation to proceed.

3. Class Uniform Policies & Procedures
3.1. Students can wear what they like to class, but Realisticus Art Academy is not responsible for any damage to the student's clothing.
3.2 When working with acrylic paints aprons will be provided to the Students to use in class.

4. Health, Safety, Injury & Medical Conditions Policies & Procedures

5. Safety and Security Policies & Procedures

5.2 If the parent is not there to collect their child when the classes finish and it is time for the tutor to leave, the tutor will have the right to either take the child to the nearest Police Station or wait for the late parent at the class location. The late parent will be charged $1 per minute from Art Class end time.

6. Class Policies
6.1 Students should not have any sweets before class. This rule is there to increase the ability of children to concentrate and to minimize the disruption in class due to the sugar effects on the behavior of children.
6.2 Students must be punctual to classes to ensure they receive all the pre-drawing instructions from the tutor.
6.3. Regular class attendance is vital for students to develop and keep abreast of their syllabus work. Some of the art projects take 2 x sessions to complete, so the attendance is very important to the student's achievement.
6.4 Class sizes: A minimum of 5 students is required to run a class.
6.5 Realisticus Art Academy maintains the right to dismiss any student who acts inappropriately in the classroom: creates a Health & Safety risk for self or others in the classroom, damages property, causes repeat disruptions to any classes, runs out of the class (run away). Any dismissal and resulting booking cancellation will not be eligible for any refunds nor credit for this booking. In cases of class disruption due to inappropriate behavior The Head Tutor may choose to provide one warning and/or request a parent to sit in the classroom for one session to rectify the behavior, prior the dismissal option. If The Head Tutor sees the student's behavior creates a Health & Safety risk for themselves or other students in the classroom (example: child runs away/ runs out of the classroom/ appears to be out of control ) the Head Tutor has no choice but to dismiss the student and cancel the booking, as Health and Safety risks are treated with serious action.

7. Realisticus Art Academy Certificates.
7.1. At Realisticus Art Academy we concentrate on teaching the students a variety of drawing and painting skills. Achievement of every student is noted throughout the year and at the end of the year an Achievement Certificate will be issued to the Student describing what the student has learnt and which level has been achieved.

8. Photography in the Classroom
8.1. Photography of students in class is permitted only to the Realisticus Art Academy Teacher. Some photographs get published on and website and Facebook page as an encouragement to the students to be proud of their achievement and to show them how proud Realisticus Art Academy is to have such students. Group photographs also may be used in our email Updates and Marketing.

8.2 All individuals participating in Realisticus Art Academy classes and other activities, by the fact of allowing a child's participation in such activities, you as a parent give the rights to Realisticus Art Academy to make photographs of the child and artwork. Realisticus Art Academy can use the photographs to track child's progress through the year, media updates and other marketing purposes.

8.3 Photography in the Classroom is permitted only to the Realisticus Art Academy Teacher. Photography of Teaching Materials and Method are prohibited as all Copyrights for those belong to Realisticus Art Academy.

9. Complaints
9.1. Formal complaints should be made in writing to the Head Office of Realisticus Art Academy. The appointed person from the Head Office will contact the correspondent to verbally discuss the issue(s) and will also write a letter of reply making every effort to find a resolution. Email to