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What makes us Different?

1000s of kids can draw thanks to our programme

Art Academy
Typical Kids
Art Classes
Realistic Drawing Skills Yes No
3D Effects Yes No
Innovation Yes No
Photographic Memory Yes No

Structured Fun Learning

Yes No
Art Show & Prize Giving Yes No
Achievement Certificates Yes No
Quality Art Materials Yes No
Size & Proportion Yes No
Perspective Yes No
Creativity Yes Mainly using colour
Composition Yes Some
Colour Yes Some
Hand-eye Coordination Work Extensive Basic
Using Pencil, Charcoal Extensive Basic
Using Colour Pencils & Pastels Extensive No
Using Watercolour Paints Yes Some
Animal Topics Yes Some
People and Body Topics Yes No
Landscape Topics Yes Some

  • Children can join Realisticus Art Classes anytime during the Term, if there is a space available. The fees will be adjusted accordingly.
  • Realisticus Art Classes are limited to 12-13 students per class, so booking a place in advance for your children is essential.
  • Children's Art Lessons are suitable for Kids ages 5-12. Our programme has been specifically designed to suit a mixed group of Children. They learn well together and individually reach new levels as they progress through our curriculum.
  • "Realistic Art Programme for Kids!" is our special programme that has been developed for Children to learn all the major Realistic Drawing Skills in a fun way. Making all those amazing skills simple to learn, using a step by step method of teaching.
  • Realisticus Tutors are full of energy, excitement, enthusiasm and commitment to helping kids discover the amazing drawing skills they all possess.
  • Most of the materials will be provided for you to use. Short Stationery list will be sent out to you on enrollment.
  • Class Rules: All students must be on time. In the first 10 minutes of class the Tutor goes through the Theory and the Technique, so for your children to achieve the best results in class it is extremely important to come at least 5 minutes earlier. Our second Class Rule is Respect :)
  • Please note: It is up to the student to attend the art classes they are booked in for. We have a no refunds policy for days taken off.