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Frequently Asked Questions

Children can join Realisticus Art Classes anytime during the first few weeks of the Term, if there is a space available. The fees will be adjusted accordingly.

Realisticus Art Classes are limited to only 12-13 students per class, so booking a place in advance for your children is essential.

Most of our Art Classes are suitable for Kids ages 5-13. In some classes we have limited the bookings to older age groups eg. ages 8-14. We also have classes for under 5s labeled as Under 5s or Junior Realisticus Art Classes.

Our programme has been specifically designed to suit a mixed group of Children. They learn well together and individually reach new levels as they progress through our curriculum.

Our Art Programmes are based on Realistic Drawing Skills, so these are Drawing Classes. But you will be very surprised that our Drawing Classes include activities with a wide range of materials, including: colour pencils, pastels, speciality pencils, watercolour, paint and more to surprise parents with amazing end result Art Works. We do 5-7 different activities per Term. So our young students are very excited to come to class and learn what we will be doing next!

Realisticus & Innovatorix Art Programmes for Kids and Sketch Club are our special programmes that have been developed by Realisticus. Realisticus Term Art Classes allow Children to learn all the major Realistic Drawing Skills in a fun way. Making all those amazing skills simple to learn, using a step by step method of teaching. Innovatorix Holiday Art Classes focus on inspiring Creativity and developing an Innovative approach through a fantastic range of Drawing projects.Sketch Club is for those students that want to improve their drawing skills even faster and get even better in depth understanding of each drawing Skill. Here your precious child will discover those secrets of why and how we see what we see and how we can create it.

Realisticus Tutors are full of energy, excitement, enthusiasm and commitment to helping kids discover the amazing drawing skills they all possess. One tutor is selected out of 50-100 applicants. All of our tutors receive full training before teaching their first class and ongoing Training to make sure they deliver each lesson to the standards of Realisticus Art Academy!

Most of the materials will be provided for you to use. For Term classes basic stationery list will be sent out to you on enrollment before the Term starts and it will last you for more than 2 years.

All students must be on time. In the first 10 minutes of class the Tutor goes through the Theory and the Technique, so for your children to achieve the best results in class it is extremely important to come at least 5 minutes earlier.

For the duration of the class parents can leave their child with the tutor, the waiting area outside the class is great for the parents to wait and/or collect children after class. If your child is 5 years old or a bit shy let them know you will be right outside the door or by the window. So they can ask you to come in later on if required. All kids feel more comfortable communicating and drawing in an Art Class with only the students and professional Tutor present (and no other Adults). The classroom atmosphere is fun and dynamic.

Term Classes take place once a week at after school times at school or community space. Term classes are 60 minutes. Parents are responsible for transportation to the Tutor and after the class has concluded. Please pick up your child promptly. Holiday Programmes range from 2-4 hours and are available at some of our locations

All new student bookings are covered by our "See it to Believe it" Satisfaction Guarantee* - We believe 100% in our Programme and have successfully taught it to over 3,000 students all over Auckland. So if within 10 days of your first booking date you choose not to continue, we'll provide you with a full refund of the booking fee, after deducting an Admin Fee. * Only available to new first time students at physical locations. Does not apply to online live art classes. Request for a refund must be made within 10 days from the first class date of your Term Booking. Administration fee of $40.00 will apply per student booking. This promo only applies to term bookings. Due to the way our system works there are no Trials for Online Live Art Classes as Term Class Access link remains active for the full length of Term. But if our art class opens in a nearby location and students want to move to one of our physical classes from the online class we can assist with the transfer, if a place is available.

Art Classes at physical locations our fee is $21.74 plus GST ($25 GST incl) per 60 minute session depending on the programme cost of the additional materials. Term fee is based on the number of sessions: 9 week Term $195.70 plus GST ($225.00 GST incl). (Second sibling Discount of $21.00 applies to the total full term booking (for each additional sibling). Online Live Art Class fee is $19.13 plus GST ($22.00 GST incl) per 60 minute live session. For online classes (Second sibling Discount of $11.00 applies to the total full term booking (for each additional sibling). Term fee varies depending on the number of weeks in each School Term. Term4 includes End of Year Online Art Show/Prize Giving fee: $24.00 Once the Term has started our website will automatically recalculate the fees, as per leftover sessions in the term programme.

Most years at the end of Term 4 all of our current students enjoy the participation in our end of the year Online Art Show & Prize Giving (fees apply). Online Art Show/Fun Competition & Prize Giving participation fee of $23.00 (incl GST) is included in Term4 Fee. This is a very special occasion to display students' Artworks and participate in the fun art competitions. Students submit one Artwork created at Home for the Art Show and one artwork created in the classroom as support work. Art Show may not be available every year due to unforeseen circumstances, but we do try our best for our students

All parents of the current Students ( with attendance of at least two Terms) can request an individual assessment of their Drawing Skills for an Achievement Certificate (fees apply) Students artworks would be reviewed to work out the achievement level and the topics studied in the current year. This will be recorded on their Certificate. Certificate fee of $40.00 (GST incl) for individual assessment will apply. Highly recommended for Graduates and when applying to High Schools and Universities, this is an important document to assist students in their future careers. The Certificates display the level reached and communicate the progress of the student in a very positive and encouraging manner. The Certificates received by our students are accepted by High Schools, Universities and the portfolio of art works completed in class serve as a great display of their abilities in realistic drawing skills, creativity and design..

Due to the nature of the programme there are No Make-up classes or credits. But if you advise us at least 7 days in advance of a term class being missed and if a spot is available in one of the other classes on the same week as the missed class for the same session, we may be able to offer an optional make up session.The request may only be fulfilled one time during the term. Email your request to the head tutor. This may not always be possible if all our classes are full, but we do try our best as a goodwill gesture. For Online Classes there may be one class time allocated for an optional make up session depending on the number of classes and places available. This option may be available at some franchises.

If you would like to request your booking to be transferred to another class time permanently, your request will be considered and if a place is available, we will complete the changes in your booking.

For all courses no refunds will be given within 7 days of commencement date unless there is a waiting list and a replacement enrolment can be secured. If you cancel a course more than 7 days before commencement date you will be entitled to a refund. All cancellations will incur a $40 admin fee per student booking. Credit Card online processing fee is not refundable as it get paid to the online gateway provider and we do not profit from it. It is your child’s responsibility to attend the booked sessions, as no refunds will be given for non attendance. Partial Refund may be available for special situations where the whole Term is being missed and a Medical Certificate has been provided.

Re-enrollment week starts 4 weeks before the end of each term. So you don’t miss out we have an automatic reservation process. Your space will be reserved for the following term for 7 days during the re-enrollment week, for the class your child currently attends. To view your invoice and pay login to My Account. All unpaid invoices will be canceled and places will become available for others to book on the website. Partial Payment Option is available on request.

If you book online, an invoice will be sent to your email straight away. Your booking is not SECURED until the invoice is Paid, all Unpaid Bookings will be automatically canceled within 4 days of the booking. You can make payment for your invoice via Credit Card or Bank account transfer.

You will receive a Receipt for Credit Card Payment straight away, Bank Account transfer takes 3-4 days to be processed and we will send you a receipt once done. If you have not received a Receipt for your booking within 4 days of your payment, please go to your online Parent Account log in here to see if your booking is showing as Paid. If not please reply to your Invoice email or email the Head Tutor/ Franchise Owner of your class location. You can find their information by selecting your class Location in the Navigation Bar or go to Contacts Page.