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Meet the Team


We would like to introduce you to our amazing Team of Art Tutors. All of our Art Tutors love to Draw & Create and are very passionate about teaching kids Realisticus Art Programmes.

Realisticus Franchise Owners / Head Tutors

Elena Esina

   Elena Esina


Franchise Owner/ Head Tutor of Classes in:

Browns Bay, Mairangi Bay, Grey Lynn, Mt Eden, Remuera, Glenfield, Silverdale, Red Beach

I discovered my passion in drawing at the age of 8, I loved landscapes and fantasy. At the age of 13 I was able to draw a crystal wine glass, I felt so proud of the realistic depiction that I started drawing everything and everyone around me :)

I am proud to be the Founder and Principal of such an amazing art school. At Realisticus Art Classes we are able to show kids that all of them can Draw and we are there to teach them how to do it. Every artwork is a creative challenge and that is how you should approach it. The love for Drawing is the love and appreciation for the amazing world surrounding us and if you can draw reality you can draw the imagined. Drawing is the Key skill for Creativity and Innovation.

Lillibet Bothma

   Lillibet Bothma


Franchise Owner/ Head Tutor of Classes in:

Epsom, Greenlane, Pakuranga Heights, Dannemora, Botany

I have loved painting and drawing since I was a little girl. I still do lots of painting at home, and love to do portraits of people the most.

I love that I get to pass on some of the skills I have learnt as an artist to a new generation, and its a great feeling to see kids excell and grow in their own drawing skills.

Maya Calica

   Maya Calica


Franchise Owner/ Head Tutor of Classes in:

West Harbour, Greenhithe, Albany, Unsworth Heights, Hobsonville Point

I was in kindergarten when I discovered the joys of finger painting and drawing with crayons. As a pre-teener, I doodled Japanese anime characters in the margins of my notebook. I reconnected with my love for drawing about 10 years ago, and have a daily sketchbook habit. I think I've filled about 20 sketchbooks to date!

I love it when children discover new ways to express their creativity with drawings and colours. I've seen kids walk into the room looking very shy and unsure, only to emerge from the class feeling more confident about their drawing skills and themselves.

Realisticus Art Tutors

Fiona Fry


Realisticus Art Tutor

Grey Lynn, Mt Eden, Remuera

My Mother asked me to make a birthday card for my Grandmother. I went to the garden and selected some of her favorite flowers, Primroses and Snowdrops - as it was Spring in England. I made a posy and set it on the table. I remember clearly how I outlined

Realisticus Art Academy has enabled me to pass on my passion for drawing and all things "Art". I relish the satisfaction of enabling students to realise their love of drawing. It is so satisfying to nurture all the children's potential. I believe that this can take place at an early age, as it did with me. Realisticus harnesses this love of drawing and helps the students to create some of their own goals through a proven, studied programme, with a dash of their own individual personalities and skill sets. I had validation recently when one of my students said, "I would never have been able to produce this drawing without you teaching me this". I replied that she had good initial drawing skills. She agreed, but said she would never have thought of this, in terms of the subject, technique, composition and learning, "Just how the pencil/paintbrush needs to be held". For me that's the ultimate validation and that's what being a Realisticus tutor is all about. Passing on a passion and knowledge for drawing and Art.

Andre Roth


Realisticus Art Tutor

Browns Bay, Glenfield

I started drawing and attending art class at age 4. I stayed with the same private art tutor until I was 18 , discovering, learning and exploring various art technique, styles and mediums. I decided to study fine arts after school and pursue a career of an Artist.

As a Realisticus Art Tutor I get the opportunity to see children develop their own,unique and individual artistic skills. I love their happy faces when they achieve amazing results.

Adrienne Woodbury


Realisticus Art Tutor

Browns Bay, Mairangi Bay, Silverdale

I have always enjoyed drawing whether it be just doodling at home when I was a child or sitting down and painting. I find it very relaxing and satisfying.

I love the variety of art offered and look forward to teaching students about proportion and techniques. I find this very exciting and can't wait to see the talent and enthusiasm coming through.

Natasha Guiry


Realisticus Art Tutor

West Harbour, Greenhithe, Albany

Ironically, I probably ignored what I was always naturally good at – an ebbing and flowing interest in art and photography, my knack for empathy, and an incurable love for the furred kind. But I guess passion is something that unfolds over time.

I get to engage with young artists and I feel privileged to partake in their journey of self-discovery. I love to see their individual creativity shine through. It's awesome and inspiring. This is what I love about being a Realisticus Art Tutor. I hope some will go on to develop a deep love and passion for drawing and art.

Mia Bernard


Realisticus Art Tutor

West Harbour, Albany, Hobsonville Point

I have loved drawing since I was a very young child. I remember being entertained for hours with a little art set I carried everywhere with me. Bright colors, storybooks, and art supplies were my favorite things.

Seeing children's creativity and imagination come alive is incredible to watch. It is wonderful to see each individual child developing a unique artistic style, and how beautifully different each child's artwork is.

Kimmy Lim


Realisticus Art Tutor

Pakuranga Heights, Dannemora, Botany

Ever since I was a child I truly enjoyed colouring and often sketch fashion and drawing as past time.

I love the chance to share my passion for creativity with the younger generation and to see them develop their own unique styles themselves.

Jeffrey Saldua


Realisticus Art Tutor

Epsom, Greenlane

I started drawing when I was only seven years old. My brother pushed me to improve and never cease to evolve and be my own critic with regards to my skills. Practice makes perfect.

What I love most about being a Realisticus Art Tutor is knowing that I can help create and mold the next generation of artists. It is very exciting for me seeing what the next generation of artists has in store.

Emmeline  Batten


Realisticus Art Tutor

Red Beach

I’ve loved drawing ever since I was a small child. Through the years I found myself always drawing and painting in my free time. No one ever singled me out as particularly amazing at it but through the years of taking Art as a subject at school I began to improve. I also spend so much time practising I soon got to the level I am now- and even now I’m always improving and learning

I am passionate about Art and expression. I love to see how different peoples perspectives are expressed in their art. How each student see things is different and consequently they express what they see uniquely.I love to be able to help students to express themselves and learn the skills to be effective communicators through their art.