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We like to hear your story, and we especially like hearing when parents think that we do a good job. We’re more than happy to let our students and parents speak on our behalf, because word of mouth drives our success. We don’t do a huge amount of advertising, it’s expensive, and we would rather show you than tell you. So if you’re looking at the online reviews, we hope you’ll get a feel for what it is we do here and why we do it.

Sian Morgan

This is by far our sons favourite after school activity

Rachel Oldham-Ormiston

Great classes and communication.

Paul Thompson (Koro)

My grand daughter loves these classes

Alexander Kaledin

Very easy to book

Katerina Kucherenko


Cecilia Raymond

My daughter had a great experience and has been showing a lot of improvements.

Natalie Naidoo

Very quick and easy to book

Julie Wadhwa

Highly recommended art school for kids... My daughter really enjoying her time and greatly improving her art skills

Robert Cole

My Daughter loves this program and she has improved tremendously

Anna Oram

Maya is a wonderful art teacher and my son really enjoys her online classes!

Manoj Tahal

Very well organized art classes.

Deepti Dubey

Easy and clear explainations

Sara Fernando

Highly recommended

Jennifer Kong

Friendly and helpful

Victoria Collins

Amazing art class with great results in technique.

Alicia Watson

My daughter really enjoys art class has learnt alot and art teacher is amazing

Jj Kang

friendly teacher and my children really enjoy art class.

Stacey Houkamau

Great classes. My daughter really enjoys it. We started in 2020 and still continue to do.

Jenna Gainford

Loving the classes and it so exciting what they come back with next week!

Nikki Hill Paul Hill

My daughter absolutely loves the classes. The step by step nature of how the teacher models really sets her up for success. The pace of the sessions really suit her. She always feels proud of the pieces she creates.

Ai Li Thai

My boys love attending the school holiday program. The topic of the drawing let them imagine with their creativity. They have a lot of stories to share with me after the class.

Weiwei Li

My daughter loves this class and looking forward to attend every week.

Alice Hope

Love the drawing skills that are being taught - great class

Ling Gao

really happy with the class and teacher

David Ho

Friendly and reliable.

Vanja Priestley-Nigh

Great experience, son loves it

Rebecca Ho

My children love the art class and they learn useful drawing skills, thank you!

Lan Dong

good experience

Rachel Dreyer

Great classes the kids love it.

Toni Mihov

My son is loves the art classes, great way to expand and learn new skills....

Helen Liu

My daughter really enjoyed the art classes!

Prathibha Sural Raviramkini Keshavakini

Very pleased

Tracy Ma

my daughter loves her art class every day shes improving she has been going to art class for 6 years and is now an excellent artist.

Tracy Ma

my daughter loves her art class every day shes improving she has been going to art class for 6 years and is now an excellent artist.

Karen Yu

My son enjoyed the lesson and brought home with a creative piece of artwork happily.

Swati Vaid Dhingra

Amazing Art Academy, Highly Recommended.

Melissa Williams

Great tutors and excellent variety of content and skills.

Sue Shin

My daughter loves going to art class :)

Nicole Whippy

Our child love it so we keep signing up! Plus we get amazing art to frame for our whare. Highly recommend

Paula O'Reilly

My kids' drawing skills have improved dramatically since starting these classes. I just wish they ran adult classes!

Catherine McMurray

Lovely tutors and the children develop great skills.

Sarah Alkaisi

My daughters drawing skills improved a lot after attending the lessons

Laura Allison

My daughter is loving this class

Sarah Tanner

We love your classes!

Jolene Manford

I think we used to be able to do a trial first. The kids are looking forward to it though!

Tammy Wong

Great fun!

Helena Hu

Very good class!

Nadine Hill

Great class.

Cecilia Young

Love the holiday program!

Rachel Deadman

Our daughter has been doing this class for 2 years. She absolutely LOVES it and her artistic capabilities have blossomed beyond our expectations. Highly recommend to any little budding artists out there..:-)

Arisa Whiteman

My daughter has been enjoyed classes and becoming more confident drawing.

Rachael Hitch

easy to book - lots of info

Fang Liu

My kid really loves the class.

Naomi Liu

Nice and patient teachers, a full passion for arts. My son really enjoys the class.

Claudia Yin


Jaina Patel

daughter loves the art classes

Kelly Liu

Learnt drawing skills

Juliana Pungiluppi

It was great. Thanks!

Eli Kovatcheva

A wonderful program !

Louise Rust

My daughter loves this art class.

Anoma Karunaratne

Excellent class.

Andrea Read

Great class, kids love it and their art has really improved.

Rochelle Ansell

My son gets so much pleasure from his art classes each week. The classes really expand his critical thinking and it blows us away with the amazing creations he creates.

Iris Li

My daughter love her art class so much.

Zoe Cui

Yiyi loves the classes.

Arti Narayan

My 9 year old daughter loves it and the classes are amazing

Arina Grobler

Professional and well organised

Vasavi Nagalla Prakash Ganji

Its just amazing to see how my little one is improving class by class and learning new techniques and terminologies. She loves it.

Holly Lau

My daughter has been doing this art class for almost 2 years now and she is loving it

Cara Brown

Amazing supportive tutors and real skills learnt

Veronika Bagaeva

Great classes. Interesting topics

Sherry Zhang

My boy has enjoyed it a lot

Helen Humphrey

Awesome class, daughter has attended for 6 terms so far!

Jacqueline Agudo

Great learning experience for kids

Naomi Zhao

The teaching is great and the teacher is nice and patient

Natasha Singh

Lovely experience with talented teachers.

Tracey Matthews

Lovely great tutor's who are helpful and friendly. Skills are developed at the child's own pace and level.

Janani Sudhakar

Good art class

April Luxmoore

My daughter LOVES attending her weekly Art class and continues using what she learns at home.

Jiao Wu

Good experience for kids

Sandy Wang

Very good!

Jiajing Lin

Nice tutors

Stacey Friend


Rita Krishna Amit Ram

My daughter is going to classes in Botany and she loves it so far.

Rashmila Tissera

fantastic art class for kids

Monica Son

Great classes!

Phillip Hitchcock

Kids really enjoy it

Noeme Del Rosario

Kids learn a lot of techniques in drawing.

Lakni Alwis

My daughter enjoys a lot

Meena Mehra

This is an awesome class for anyone who wants to improve their drawing skills and art skills.

Manhua Wang

My 6ys boy love drawing with LadyB.

Harmanpreet Dhesi

Awesome art

Grace Guan

Professional teachers and interesting class

Cecilia Bonifacino

Very professional, my daughters are enjoying their classes!

Merril Campell

My daughter LOVES her art class, and I find it to be a great service.

Diana Lee

I totally recommend those classes, my daughter Amy is 10 she is attending Realisticus art classes for already 2 years. Amy loves going to Art classes and she really enjoys new activities! They always make it so fun and creative, Big Thank you to Realisticus Team :)

Brianna Kane

My daughter loves this class..... so glad we found Realisticus Art Academy! Lillibet is a fantastic teacher.

Ellyn Zhang

very good

Nan Hao

Excellent teacher Fiona, both of my children love her teaching style!

Praveen Prakashan

Really nice

Kim Yeoh


Ursula Kennedy

Awesome experience

Tatiana Berezhnaya

Great inspiration for the kids

Monique Godwin

Great progress and wonderful teacher

Lidea Leung

My kids really enjoy the art class, I didn't thought they will be able to draw so nicely, but they did with the assistance from the tutor.

Jorge Bisteni

Our boy has been very motivated with art class from the start, while going to Hobsonville Point Primary with Mia, and the continuation online. We have been so happy with the flexibility and how well Maya leads the class, that we will continue the classes online for now! highly recommended to bring out the creativity inside your kids amazing minds.

Li Lin

My kids had fun here. Great learning environment and nice tutors.

Monique Jansen

Awesome class, friendly and informative teachers. Our sons (10 yrs) artwork has improved immensely as has his confidence.

Kim Barnes

Great online classes. Zac looks forward to lessons every week.

Grace Zhu

Very friendly and professional teacher. My daughter really enjoyed the class and had a lots of fun

Katy Genc

My 6 year-old daughter loves her art classes with Realisticus and we are so impressed at the skills she is developing.

Nikki Ansley

Always a professional, warm and welcoming service that has my daughter captivated and eager each week!

Fabiana Barboza

Amazing! My daughter enjoys a lot...

Yuki Jiao

My son loves it!!

Layla Landen

I was really proud of my daughter because her art skills improved in 2 years from art class. My daughter was always really exited to go to art classes her teacher was very nice, so we are really thankful to Art Academy :)

Libby And Jeff Mcluckie

Love seeing benjis progress at Art and how much he loves going even asks to go to the holiday programs. Maya is great along with the other teachers

Sarah Anderaws

My daughter Ellie enjoyed her classes so much, we all can see the progress and the passion, it's the best place to unleash your kid's drawing talent.

Ling Zhao

Lillibet has been a great teacher. She always has creative ideas in her teaching. She is also very patient and polite to kids. My daughter loves her and she said she has learnt a lot from Lillibet about drawing.

Jing Yang

Annie really enjoys learning drawing with Realistic.

Sayed Sabour Ahmad Mansouri

My daughter was doubtful if she wants to join, now she wants to go regularly!

Alisa Smith

My daughter loves coming to this art class every week. She can't wait to find out what they will be learning to draw next :)

Van De Klundert Van De Klundert

Quality art programmes for kids comes highly recommended

Sammy Xiong

Amazing experience! Jenny loves it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michelle Pipping

I knew miss 5 had a love, passion and talent for art but had no idea how to develop that. Wow. This class has gone beyond any expectation. She has produced exceptional art and her love and passion has grown. At 5 she tells everyone she is an artist. And she is :)

Ryan Escobar

Before enrolling my daughter to Realisticus Art Academy, she already showed some interest and creativity in art. The classes did more than just develop her skills which really impressed me. First is Confidence. She's now more secure in trying out new things she hasn't done before. Second is Concentration. She's able to focus on her tasks for longer periods of time. Third is Communication. She will ask the tutor her questions to gain better understanding of the lesson. Fourth is Cheerfulness. My daughter is already a happy kid. But these art classes brought about a more consistent happy countenance out of her. Confidence. Concentration. Communication. Cheerfulness. Wow! Thank you to Realisticus Art Academy and shout out to her great tutor, Maya.

Janet McDonald

We have seen our daughter grow in confidence as she developed her art skills with Maya over the past few years. We now have all three children enrolled and they have an impressive portfolio of incredible guided art projects, in a range of art mediums using various techniques. The confidence in art definitely transfers into all areas of their lives, as they learn what they are capable of with some positive encouragement and expert direction. Art is a great outlet for whatever mood you are in (happy, sad, angry, contemplative, bored) and compensates well for time otherwise frittered away on digital devices. School projects often include an artistic option (draw a poster or a story board or a family crest or a self portrait), and art classes have enabled my children to confidently tackle those tasks with a foundation of technical competence. They all now have class reputations for being "good" at art which builds self esteem AND they enjoy sharing the tips they have learned about scale, proportion, texture and colour with their friends. I can't rate the Realisticus Art Academy Team highly enough - the classes are awesome and fun, and the life skills are priceless. Definitely worth the investment!

Arathy Santhikumari

My child have been going to Realisticus Art Academy classes since May and I'm delighted to found such a fantastic platform where my child learned artistic skills that can be applied throughout her life. She is throughly enjoying the sessions and I believe these classes are helping her to increase her imagination and to embrace creativity and confidence. It’s a great way for my child to discover a rewarding new passion. I would highly recommend this to anyone!

Regina Chin

I would like to share with you Brendan has improved a lot of drawing skills like symmetry, shading skills, centre the drawing, make 3D drawings. I'm very impression how he has developed his skills. His drawing at school was selected and displayed at North West shopping mall. He is creative in his drawings. At school, his teaher and mates are impressed how well Brendan can draw, and always said his drawing is nice. Brendan feel very proud and confident about this.

Danielle Robertson

This is Emeys 3rd yr going to Realisticus, this yr her art has developed alot into her own personal style, a sweet, chic animation style. Her art is more polished, detailed and proportionate. She is able to draw her vision and execute it how she wants now instead of feeling frustrated she cant create what she see's in her mind. Emey is drawn to art and helps ground her when she is feeling overwhelmed. She often gets lost for hours just drawing and painting.

Polly Inch

Our son has been attending classes at Realisticus Art Academy for nearly a year and we couldn’t be more pleased with the course and his teacher, Lillibet. While he has always been keen on drawing and painting, these classes have really honed his skills – his drawings and painting are more detailed, his level of concentration has improved and he is really considered when choosing what he wants to draw. Naturally quite shy, the classes have also instilled within him a real confidence and sense of achievement which has been delightful to see. Most importantly though, he really enjoys them and looks forward with excitement to attending. We would highly recommend Realisticus Art Academy to any young artists.

Ashwini Deshpande

My daughter Saawani has improved on her drawing skills since she has joined the Academy. It's her first full term and already I can see improvement in her drawing strokes and her choice of colours. This has also helped her to boost her confidence and contribute significantly in the art club at her school. Some of her paintings at school have been displayed around the school and her work and contribution has been acknowledged by the school. The art work she entered in the exhibition (mermaid with cat face) was her idea of being unique and different.

Jihan Ghassani

My daughter was so fascinated with the colouring techniques.She didn't think that there are so many different ways you can colour the drawing! She was eager to be on time, never miss a class and do her homework while trying to remember the teacher's tips and instructions. Never seen my daughter passionate about a class like these art classes. Thank you Realisticus team

Jie Li

My son, Xingbei, has been with art class for two term. He's more dedicated with things he focuses than before. I think this is the biggest benifit he's been got from the art class. Besides, he really likes drawing as he always gets drawing kit prepared by himself and spends time in drawing, with sometimes suprising us with his own art work.

Nikki Harrison

To begin with our daughter was very nervous and shy about her work. But she has grown in confidence and concentration as well as in ability. She is able to apply the techniques she learns in class to her everyday drawing and work and as a parent it's fantastic to see. We have certainly noticed her attention to detail and perspective enhance as well as her ability to observe the world around her. While she is still sometimes shy, she is now also extremely proud of her accomplishments and it's so great to see she shine through her artwork.

Tiffany Paterson

Our daughter Emma has a natural drawing ability which Realistic Art Classes is helping to bloom to its full potential, she adores going to her art classes. Her confidence in her own abilities has improved and she has gained a lot more confidence in herself as well as more patience if she doesn't get it perfect the first try.


Over the years of learning drawing, Teresa has improved her skills not only in drawing, but also holding her pencil grip, she can writes beautifully, neat and tidy for her work. She is a confident person, and she enjoyed drawings. She draw very well at school, her teacher said to her she is a artist at her class. Teresa very proud of herself.

Kevin Lee

Leanne always enjoys drawings and have great time with Realisticus Art in 2018. Her drawing skills has improved during the year and she is more confident on coming up with drawing ideas. Thank you!

Michelle Forster

Caitlan has been attending art classes this year with Miss Fiona. From a shy little 5 year old I have seen her grow into a much more confident child who loves to express herself through her creativity and drawings. I have seen improvement in Caitlan’s ability to concentrate better and focus on the task at hand. Caitlan looks forward to her art classes each week and is proud to show us her artistic efforts which makes us so proud. Thank you Ms Fiona and Realisticus!

Nadia Clark

Alyssa always comes out of art class calmer and happier, she says it relaxes her and she likes to finish her week with art class. Her drawing confidence has grown, she will look up pictures of things she wants to draw then copy it. She has also entered poster competitions which is proof of her growing confidence. At school they had to redraw a dog enlarging it by a certain scale. Her teacher was very impressed at her acuracy and said it was best in class.

Ivy He

Teacher Lillibet is amazing! My daughter, Ashley has been to the art work class for almost 2 years, I can see she not only has improved the drawing skills and also built up a lots of confidence and the way that she use pens! Ashley also would like to say a THANK YOU to teacher Lillibet! xox

Hayley Stil

My daughter has always had a passion for art. I had reservations that art classes may not be very beneficial with the age group being quite broad and they don’t come cheap. Don’t let that deter you. The techniques she has learnt have really made her an exceptional little artist. Im so happy with Realisticus for helping her to gain so much confidence and necessary skills in her art.

Angel Wong

My 6 years old able to draw some really nice drawing since she started going to Realistics Art, always surprised me.

Trish Davidson

Our daughter (9) was struggling to find her way after moving from another country early in the year. In a bid to fill her afternoons and not have her sitting at home being sad, we discovered the art classes she now loves. Fast forward a couple of terms and she is settled, happy, relaxed and in every spare moment sits in front of my computer copying images she finds on google onto paper. Her little sister sits beside her doing the same thing which is magical.

Amy Choi

My son don't draw at home much, but one day he came back from school and told me that everybody loved his drawing at school, and also he will tought others to use drawing tools and skills. He was so proud of himself.

Alex Lu

Jamie has picked up lots drawing and paint skills, his interests for drawings is really high, he often asks me to find a picture on iPad and start copying and coloring the picture, Jamie’s favourate picture is Ninjago LEGO at the moment, once he completes the painting, he asks everyone’s opinion to see which Ninjago is the coolest one. I think jamie is really enjoying and passionate about drawing and painting, I would love to see him get more improvement and potentially learn more drawing skills and enjoy himself so much.

Xiao Li

Ethan started drawing when he was 5. He learnt to draw his favorite animals-Orca, dolphin and he also learnt how to bring his imaginations into colorful artworks. He really enjoyed every class with Maya. Thanks to Maya for teaching my boy.


for the past years with the class the girls start showing great improvement of their drawing, and had a nice hand writing with their ability improved. They are really enjoyed the class and also can apply what they learnt at home at their spare time.

Olivia Tech-Orias

The art classes helped Jodi improved her drawing proportion, shading and colour combinations. She's getting more confident in adding details and textures to give that 3D effect and making it look more realistic.

Sandra Yan

Both my kids love drawing , they learned so much.


My daughter loves the art class. Lots improved lately.

Philip Siong Chuan Wong

Enjoying learning and creative drawing (e.g. fantasy drawing)

Kelli Choi

Haeum’s drawing skill is getting better and better and he loves to draw anything these days^^. He love his art teacher so much. That is the main reason that he always wants go to her class