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Holiday Programme

Realisticus Art Tutor: Maya Calica Collins

Inovatorix Art Classes (6.3 - 13yrs)

Headquarters - Te Mahere (Hobsonville)

12th Jul 2021 - 25th Jul 2021



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Our awesome Holiday Art Programme is now on for Term 2 Holidays in July 2021.

Want a holiday activity that inspires your child with fun-filled, creative, and magical adventures? You've come to the right place.

Our Inovatorix Art Classes are designed to help your kids develop Creative Thinking, Imagination, and Innovation through drawing. At the same time, they'll be working on their Realistic Drawing Skills necessary to communicate their ideas visually. We have six (6) days available for booking.

IMPORTANT: Every day will be a brand new activity (with an exciting masterpiece to complete daily!), so you're welcome to book your child for all six (6) days if you wish.

WEEK 1 (July 13th to 22nd)
9am to 12pm
Tue: July 13th - Creative Cat-erpillar
Wed: July 14th - Alice in Wonderland
Thu: July 15th - Funny Tou-cans

WEEK 2 (July 20th to 22nd)
9am to 12pm
Tue: July 20th - Planet Ice Cream
Wed: July 21st - Surprise!
Thu: July 22nd - Night Flight Adventure

Each lesson will be three (3) hours long and will include drawing time, creative discussions, and a morning tea break. All breaks will be supervised by the tutor.

Lunch: Please bring your morning tea snacks and hats. If the weather is good, we will play in the park.

Stationery: All materials will be supplied, but current students who already own watercolor coloring pencils can bring them to class.
Week 1 Tue 13th Jul - Thu 15th Jul
09:00am - 12:00pm
Week 2 Tue 20th Jul - Thu 22nd Jul
09:00am - 12:00pm
Maya Calica Collins
Headquarters - Te Mahere (Hobsonville), View map
214 Buckley Avenue, Hobsonville, Auckland, New Zealand, 0618
De Havilland Room
At least 5 minutes before the class starts.
For the safety of all students, students need to be under a caregiver's or another mature adult supervision before and after class time. Students need to be handed into the tutor and picked up directly from class at the end of the lesson.

   Maya Calica Collins


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